5 pcs. MinkPolice MP10 alarm module

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GSM trap alarm device to be used with – pack of five with special discount!
Our extra user friendly MP5 model, which was been released in 2017. It comes with 10cm right angle antenna, magnet, metal carabiner hooks, and plastic strips (for mounting). Does not include 4 pcs. AA-batteries. The device has both a magnet and a tilt sensor.

The device comes with a fully functional SIM card. The SIM card is to be paid separately after first putting it to use. The included MinkPolice SIM card costs EUR 11.90 for the first year. Alternatively, it is possible to use your own SIM card.

MinkPolice MP10 trap alarm module (1 pcs.) × 5

The latest model of the MinkPolice trap alarm. The 3-in-1 device for remote monitoring of your traps. Each MinkPolice trap alarm can be configured as a magnet (tear-off), tilt sensor, and feeding alarm and is therefore suitable for all common types of traps. All settings are conveniently managed online, via the user profile at or the specially developed, free MinkPolice app (iOS & Android).

In addition to the 2G / GSM network, the latest version of the well-proven, reliable trap alarm connects to two additional networks, NB-IoT and LTE / CAT-M1. These equip the trap alarm well for the future and make reception in remote areas stable, even if the networks are under change. The modern multi-network technologies also enable a further signal reach and an extension of battery life. As the new networks are still under development, the MP10 trap alarm has the option of using the well-proven, established 2G / GSM network as a fallback network to keep up a stable connection throughout the transition phase.

Additionally, the new MP10 device is equipped with a LED-indicator, which facilitates the comfortable usage in the field. Due to this LED-lamp you are able to identify the status  of your MinkPolice trap alarm easily and directly - even without using the app! The LED-indicator displays the battery status and the status of the device after the communication. You will always be sure of the status of your trap alarm before leaving the trap.

The MinkPolice MP10 comes ready to go, as all necessary accessories are included. The MP10 trap alarm is delivered with lithium batteries and an active annual trap subscription, so that it can immediately be used in the field.
Included in the delivery:

  • 10cm adjustable antenna
  • MinkPolice magnet
  • MinkPolice SIM card
  • Two metal snap hooks
  • Two cable ties for mounting
  • A package of high-quality AA Energizer lithium batteries
200.66  incl. VAT each

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Network GSM Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Batteries 4xAA (1.5V)
Expected Battery Running Time One year with daily report messages
Temperature span -30°C to +60°C
Sensor type Reed contact (magnetic sensor) + 3D tilt sensor
Dimensions 102 x 74 x 32mm
Weight 250g (incl. 4 AA batteries)
Watertightness IP67 (waterproof up to 1 meter)
Material Polycarbonate

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MinkPolice MP10 trap alarm module (1 pcs.)

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