The award winning trap monitor

Monitor your animal traps with our free mobile app.

The award winning trap monitor

Receive a status notification for all of your traps in one single email. Get an immediate email/SMS/Push message when the trap shuts.

Super user friendly

An easy to use, all-in-one solution for the professional trapper and the private hunter.

User Friendly

Using MinkPolice is as intuitive as checking your mail


The MinkPolice server monitors the devices for you


Review the communication log for each monitor separately

MinkPolice monitors your traps for you!

You can save a lot of time and money by not driving out to check your traps every day. Instead, use MinkPolice trap monitor. It notifies you when your trap closes.

MinkPolice works with your free online interface, where you can easily set up your monitor, check the current status of all traps, and enter all phone numbers and email addresses, you wish to be notified upon trap closure.

MinkPolice even sends you a message if there is a problem, such as network failure. And of course, it gives you a heads up before the batteries die.

the MinkPolice
app now

MinkPolice X trap alarm

Network GSM Quad-band
LTE / Cat M1
Batteries 4 x AA (1.5 V) included in scope of delivery
Expected battery life time 2+ year with two daily reports
Temperature range From –30 to +60 °C
Switch type Reed (magnetically controlled) + three-dimensional tilt sensor
Dimensions 152 x 69 mm
Weight 242 g (incl. 4 AA batteries)
Protection rating waterproof up to 1 m of submersion
Material PCTG, Polycarbonate

Our users can’t wait to tell you how they enjoy MinkPolice

“I have now used my three MinkPolice devices for four years, and I have been very pleased with them – they are durable and reliable. The customer service is superb! In the cases where I have needed support, I have written to MinkPolice for help, and I have instantly received a reply, even on weekends. It all seems very professional and serious, yet with a personal connection to the MinkPolice team.”

Ebbe S. Jensen

Voluntary mink trapper in NST mink project

“MinkPolice is the ideal companion for animal welfare conforming and efficient trap hunting in the 21st century”

Andre Westerkamp

Trapping expert

“I would once again like to express my thanks for your personal commitment and the professionality of your team, as well as the support. I’m more than happy with MinkPolice.”

Ingo Schulte-Frankenfeld

Private user

“The MinkPolice team always provides advice and assistance, so that difficulties, if at all, can be overcome quickly. We use MinkPolice inter alia for Wild Animal Research, and our special situation has always been taken into account by MinkPolice.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Lierz

Justus Liebig University Giessen

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