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The MinkPolice trap-monitor is IP67 tested (waterproof down to one meter). Several users have stories about devices being under water for days or weeks without being damaged. During a storm in December 2013, a MinkPolice device disappeared from the Danish coast north of Copenhagen, and it was found on the beach in Sweden by a dog walker three weeks later. The device was sent back to us, and we verified that it worked perfectly before returning it back to the owner.

Batteries last approximately a year:

4 AA Lithium batteries will last approximately one year with two daily status messages. The user will be notified actively as soon as a device shows a low battery charge. This notification will be sent plenty of time in advance so that the user has time enough to change the batteries. We recommend batteries of the type Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ (L91) which perform much better than normal alkaline batteries.

Compatible with any kind of trap:

The MinkPolice trap-monitor can be used with any type of trap where a mechanical movement is involved when the trap closes. This includes cage traps, kill traps, underground pipe traps, bird traps, and traps on rafts.

Useless if stolen:

Because every trap-monitor is registered in the MinkPolice online-portal, it can only be used by the authorized user. In case of theft, it is not possible for another person to register the same monitor in his/her own profile.

Outstanding customer service:

MinkPolice customer service is available at all times and we usually reply within less than 24 hours, even on Sundays and holidays.

Professional production process:

The devices are being produced industrially under strict quality control.

Two years factory warranty:

The device comes with a two year factory warranty.

Secured future service:

The MinkPolice servers are paid for years in advance. No matter what happens, the service will still be available to all users for as long as their device works.

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