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Do you want to buy your trap locally or in combination with a trap? Our partners know our product very well and wil be happy to help you.

Dealer Shops

Jagdwelt24 GmbH

SfA Gmbh — Rene Wiese

Waffen Dumbeck

Bundesverband Deutscher Berufsjäger


Designed2Kill Ltd.

Boszicht Outdoor


Jaktfall AS

Fourteenacre Ltd

Trap Manufacturers

Wipprohrfalle — Matthias Dose

Krefelder Fuchsfalle — Georg Achten & Thomas Vennekel

Funke Gruppe

Fallenbau Weißer

Fallenbau Weißer

Schools and Experts

Andre Westerkamp

Dreispross — Andreas Barth


WILDMAGNET  — Thomas Berner

Jagdschule Insel Rügen

Jagdschule Isaria

Jagdschule Schwarzer Keiler

And numerous others:

Fangjagdschule Robl

Landesjagdverband M.V.

Friedhelm Nitsche

Roland Schroth

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