About MinkPolice

MinkPolice is a product by Alert House ApS. We are a small company located in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded in 2010. Our main focus is development of user friendly, internet based solutions for consumers and businesses.

Development of MinkPolice was initiated because we saw the need for a more user friendly alarm system for trap monitoring. Before MinkPolice was launched, all similar systems had to be configured by SMS from user to device, and there was no web interface for user friendly interaction with the devices. MinkPolice comes with an online control panel which makes it easy to set up each device and see status of all devices, and with thousands of units sold, we still have not come across a user who could not set up and manage the system alone.

Another issue we wanted to address was the lack of an intelligent system that can collect reports from several units and give one output. All other trap monitors work independently of each other, and a user with several traps and several “previous generation” trap alarms will receive an SMS from each independent alarm unit. The MinkPolice server instead collects reports from all your alarm units and sends you status information about all of your units in one single message.

MP5 with tilt sensor (2016 – present)

MinkPolice Module MP2 (2013 – 2015)

MinkPolice Module MP1 (2011 – 2013)

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