Why can I not log in?
After registration you will receive an email with an activation link which you must click in order to activate your account. If you have not clicked this link, please search for this email in your inbox or in your spam filter. If you simply forgot your password, you can request a new password.
How do I switch off the module?
You can switch off your module in the “Trap overview” by clicking the “ON/OFF” button next to the name of the module. The next time the module reports to the server, it will be commanded to shut down. Keep in mind, that once the module is shut down, it will not work again until you have 1) Switched it on in the trap overview AND 2) Activated it with a magnet (any kind of activity will do).
Why are SMS messages sometimes not sent?
There can be several reasons why an SMS is not received, such as network failure, low account balance, and failure because of low battery. In other cases the reason can be that a module is not awake to send the SMS. In case of an alarm event, the SMS is always sent, but the daily status SMS is sometimes not sent. The MinkPolice server will wait for all of your modules to send a status report at the expected time, and then it will send you an email status notification. The SMS is always sent from the last of your modules which reports the expected “I’m alive-message.” If one module is not communicating as expected, then it cannot send the status SMS. One hour after the expected wake up time, the MinkPolice server will send an email with a warning about “No communication.” At the next consecutive expected status report, the SMS will be sent from another module. Note that emails are always sent.
Why does the notification from MinkPolice sometimes arrive up to 1 hour later than the wakeup time I have specified in my settings?
The MinkPolice server will wait for all of your modules to send a status report, and then it will send you a notification. If one module for some reason does not report on time, the server will wait up to one hour for this last module to report before sending you a notification. If a module has not reported within this hour, your notification will inform you about this.
Will the MinkPolice alarm module continue to attempt to deliver the report if the first attempt fails?
Yes. If a module fails to deliver a report, it will continuously attempt to report to the server until it succeeds. If the module did not report on time, the server will notify you (“No communication with the module”). If the module subsequently successfully reports to the server (for example 1 minute after you were notified that it did not communicate), you will not be notified about this. You can always log into your profile and see the status of your modules.
Which SIM card should I use?

In principle, any SIM card can be used with the MinkPolice trap monitor. Access Points from all major phone companies are available on the device. Just make sure to follow these points:

  1. Remove SIM pin protection from the SIM card by putting the card in any phone and then going to settings>security>SIM pin (This might differ from phone to phone).
  2. Enable data transfer on your SIM card. This can be done by contacting the SIM card provider.
  3. Choose a plan that charges for data transfer in packages as small as possible. Every server — trap-monitor communication is normally only of the size of about 1 kb. Make sure your SIM card provider does not charge you 100kb or 1mb for every time the trap-monitor communicates.
  4. Contact us if you want to use not one of the major SIM card providers, as we will be able to manually set up the MinkPolice device for the use with other SIM card providers.

If you need a recommendation for a specific SIM card, please contact us at support[at]

How can I share traps with fellow trappers?

In the new view of your MinkPolice online profile, you can divide your traps into different Trap Groups to gain a better overview, especially over larger numbers of traps. You can also make Trap Groups accessible to fellow hunters.

In the group “My Traps” you automatically see all traps that you have created yourself. This view corresponds to the old “Trap Overview”. The “All Traps” group, includes all traps that other MinkPolice users have shared with you as a Co-Trapper, in addition to your own trap alarms. So, you get an overview regardless of who has registered the particular trap where.

Click on “New Group” in the menu item “Traps & Groups” to create a Trap Group and assign traps to it in the “Traps” tab.

You can invite fellow trappers under the menu item “Co-Trappers”. They will then receive an e-mail with a confirmation link to follow you as a Co-Trapper. Co-Trappers can take different roles. The so-called “Watcher” can only see the status of the traps and register catches. If a fellow trapper also should be able to edit the trap settings (except the sensor type), then the role of “Keeper” should be selected. Only the Group Owner can change the sensor type of a trap alarm, change group settings, invite new Co-Trappers and manage the MinkPolice SIM card. Once you have created a new Co-Trapper, you can select him in the list and share groups of traps in the “Groups” tab. Please remember to click “Save changes”.

You can find an overview of all MinkPolice users who have invited you to follow them as a Co-Trapper in your MinkPolice online profile under the menu item “Co-Trappers” in the “I’m following” tab. You can confirm to follow a MinkPolice user as a Co-Trapper or leave again.

How can I pause my MinkPolice SIM card?

In periods when your trap is not in use you can pause your MinkPolice SIM card subscription up to 90 days per year. Log into your MinkPolice online profile and click on “Settings” in the menu and then on the tab “SIM cards”. You will see all MinkPolice SIM cards that have been activated through trap alarms on your profile.

The Subscription column shows two buttons next to each other. On the left side you can pause and resume every SIM card individually. Please note that you can only pause or resume once every 24 hours.

Click on the “Pause” icon ⏸ to pause an active MinkPolice SIM card. Confirm that you want to pause the SIM card in the dialogue box. When you refresh the page, you will see that the status of the MinkPolice SIM card has changed to “Paused”. While the MinkPolice SIM card is paused, it can not connect the trap alarm.

If the subscription of your MinkPolice SIM card expires in the same month, please prolong the subscription of the MinkPolice SIM card for one year, before pausing it. This will prevent your MinkPolice SIM card from expiring after 90 days of pause, without you being aware of it.

After the MinkPolice SIM card has been paused for one day, you will see that the expiry date of the SIM card has been postponed one day. In the column “Remaining Pause” you can check how many days your respective MinkPolice SIM card can be paused. As soon as all 90 pause days have been used up a paused SIM card will be automatically reactivated.

If you would like to reactivate a paused MinkPolice SIM card, simply click on the triangular symbol ⏵. The status of the MinkPolice SIM card is then changed to “Active” and after 30 minutes the MinkPolice SIM card is ready to connect your trap alarm again.

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