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Why can I not log in?
After registration you will receive an email with an activation link which you must click in order to activate your account. If you have not clicked this link, please search for this email in your inbox or in your spam filter. If you simply forgot your password, you can request a new password.
How do I activate my MinkPolice profile for SMS text message sending?
  1. Go to the section”SMS” under “Settings” > “Notifications”
  2. Save the phone numbers which should receive SMS messages to the profile
  3. Click on “Activate text messaging function”
  4. Enter your billing address and click on “Next”
  5. Select your preferred payment method
  6. Check and confirm your information
  7. You will now receive SMS text message notifications according to your settings

Step 1

First, log in to your MinkPolice profile on the computer. Then, go to the “Settings” tab and find the “SMS” section under the “Notifications” menu item.

Step 2

Here you will find input fields for telephone numbers to which you would like to send notifications by SMS text message. You can enter up to 5 phone numbers. If you need the possibility to notify more phone numbers via SMS, please write us an email.

Enter the country code (e.g. +44 for UK, +31 for the Netherlands or +45 for Denmark). Remember that the first zero of your telephone number after the country code will been omitted (example: 01712345678 should be entered for Germany as follows: +491712345678). Save the entry so that the phone numbers are stored in your profile.

Note: Please only enter phone numbers that should receive notifications by SMS text messaging. If you want to receive the notifications via push notification on a smartphone, please do not enter a phone number for this smartphone.

Step 3

To activate the paid MinkPolice SMS text messaging service, please click on the button “Activate text messaging function”.

Important: The SMS text messaging function is activated on a profile basis, which means that you will receive notifications by SMS for all trap detectors on the profile according to the settings through MinkPolice. If you mix trap alarms with the MinkPolice SIM card and your own SIM cards on your profile, you will receive SMS through the MinkPolice SMS text messaging service and get invoiced for all of them, including those with SIM cards from other providers.

Step 4

Please enter your billing address in the form. If you have already saved a billing address in your profile, it will be displayed here and you only need to check and confirm it.

In this form you can also select that you are a company customer and use the reverse charge method with your VAT number.

Step 5

Next, you can see the payment options available for your country.

You can always pay by credit card. When doing so your card will initially be debited with an amount of 0,50€, which will be automatically refunded to you. We have to make this test debit in order to deposit the credit card with our payment provider Stripe. This is how we ensure that your data is stored securely.

In Germany there is also the option of paying by bank transfer. Since we have to process every bank transfer manually, this service incurs a 5€ transfer fee per invoice created.

Step 6

You will then see an order overview for activating the MinkPolice SMS function. Please check your details here before confirming them.

Step 7

Now you will receive SMS from MinkPolice according to your settings of alarm and status notifications to the entered phone numbers. You can at any time see how many SMS have already been sent in the current billing period in your profile under “Settings” in the “Notifications” area. The SMS function is billed at a price of 0,09 €/SMS according to the actual consumption.

As soon as 6 months have passed or as soon as the payment limit of 60€ has been reached, you will receive an invoice by email to your account email address.

 When paying by credit card, this invoice is automatically paid as a recurring payment.

If you have selected the “bank transfer” option, you can simply pay the invoice normally via your bank within 14 days. Please be sure to include the payment code on the invoice as a reference so that the payment can be correctly assigned.


How can I share traps with fellow trappers?

In the new view of your MinkPolice online profile, you can divide your traps into different Trap Groups to gain a better overview, especially over larger numbers of traps. You can also make Trap Groups accessible to fellow hunters.

In the group “My Traps” you automatically see all traps that you have created yourself. This view corresponds to the old “Trap Overview”. The “All Traps” group, includes all traps that other MinkPolice users have shared with you as a Co-Trapper, in addition to your own trap alarms. So, you get an overview regardless of who has registered the particular trap where.

Click on “New Group” in the menu item “Traps & Groups” to create a Trap Group and assign traps to it in the “Traps” tab.

You can invite fellow trappers under the menu item “Co-Trappers”. They will then receive an e-mail with a confirmation link to follow you as a Co-Trapper. Co-Trappers can take different roles. The so-called “Watcher” can only see the status of the traps and register catches. If a fellow trapper also should be able to edit the trap settings (except the sensor type), then the role of “Keeper” should be selected. Only the Group Owner can change the sensor type of a trap alarm, change group settings, invite new Co-Trappers and manage the MinkPolice SIM card. Once you have created a new Co-Trapper, you can select him in the list and share groups of traps in the “Groups” tab. Please remember to click “Save changes”.

You can find an overview of all MinkPolice users who have invited you to follow them as a Co-Trapper in your MinkPolice online profile under the menu item “Co-Trappers” in the “I’m following” tab. You can confirm to follow a MinkPolice user as a Co-Trapper or leave again.

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