Terms and Conditions

  1. Alert House ApS and the MinkPolice team is not responsible for any damage or costs incurred as a cause of failure in minkpolice modules or the MinkPolice software, regardless of the nature of the failure. Such costs also includes unexpected SIM card costs due to software failure in either the MinkPolice module hardware or the MinkPolice server software, including server break down.
  2. Any user who is added to the receiving list (by SMS or email) automatically agrees terms and conditions in this document. It is the responsibility of the user who signs up to inform other parties on the receiving list about the terms and conditions.
  3. Alert House ApS are obliged to correct any errors or bugs in the server software within reasonable time after being notified in writing about such errors or bugs.
  4. Alert House ApS are not allowed to distribute any information about registered users to a third party with prior acceptance by the user.
  5. Alert House ApS owns the rights to graphical design and backend code, and MinkPolice users are not allowed to copy or in any way distribute graphical information about the MinkPolice design without the acceptance of Alert House ApS.
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