Questions about Data Protection

Is my data safe when using the MinkPolice trap alarm? The short answer is: yes. On this page we want to provide some details about how data protection is ensured at MinkPolice, so that you can get a transparent picture about this crucial question. There are some concerns regarding data security when using electronic hunting equipment, such as the MinkPolice trap alarm. For our customers it is especially important that anti-hunting activists do not get access to their data and gain knowledge about who they are and where the traps are placed. On this page we want to provide an overview of what we do to protect the privacy of our customers and to avoid interference from hunting opponents as far as possible. In order to get more details about data protection at MinkPolice, you can also read our Privacy Policy

Is location data automatically collected and saved via the MinkPolice trap alarm?

No, the MinkPolice trap alarm has no built-in GPS and the location is not tracked automatically. This is one example for how we apply the principle of data minimization at MinkPolice. All information about the location of traps is entered by the user himself. So, no information regarding trap location is automatically saved or transmitted. This means that the user himself has control over which data is stored, knows about it and can delete everything himself in the profile.

How secure is my MinkPolice user profile?

The MinkPolice user profile is protected by a password. As a result, the user also has an influence on choosing a password that cannot be easily guessed and not passing it on to others.

The password can also be updated in the user profile, if you feel that it is no longer secure. We recommend changing your password regularly. The notification options and Co-Trapper function are giving you the opportunity to share the trap alarms with hunting friends and colleagues without having to pass the password on to third parties.

How secure is the communication between the MinkPolice device and user profile (server)?

The communication between the MinkPolice trap alarm and the user profile (server) is protected by encryption keys. If someone steals your MinkPolice device it is of course very important to us that no personal data can be extracted from the device. When using the MinkPolice trap alarm with the MinkPolice SIM card, we can guarantee that. The device only transmits parameters containing information about the trap alarm which are necessary to notify whether it was triggered or not, together with information about battery voltage, signal strength, and other device health parameters.  

How and where is my data stored?

The server on which the data is saved is located in Frankfurt (i.e. within the EU and is subject to the provisions of the GDPR). We have set up numerous security measures for the server and are constantly developing them with our internal IT according to the latest standards. The data is therefore secured against common and previously known hacking methods. We constantly monitor the security of the server and are happy to receive information about possible concerns, which we will then review. No information about the location of traps or your person can be accessed from the server by unauthorized persons.

How likely is it that unauthorized third parties will get access to my data?

It is highly unlikely that unauthorized third parties gain access to your personal data from MinkPolice despite all security measures in place.

It might be possible that opponents of hunting find out the location of a trap by being in the forest by chance. Here, of course, a trap alarm also helps, since you don’t have to go to the trap twice a day and thus draw less attention to the trap locations. 
But even if unauthorized third parties come into possession of the trap alarm, we at MinkPolice have implemented security measures to protect your data on the server side and during the data transmission between the MinkPolice device and the profile (server).

However, there are also some measures that are in your hands to optimally protect your data as a user of MinkPolice trap alarms. This includes choosing a secure password, which is changed regularly and not passed on to third parties. The MinkPolice Customer Service team will never ask for your password and we also kindly ask you not to submit passwords to us in e-mails or by phone.

What are my rights regarding personal data?

 As a MinkPolice user you of course have all rights regarding your personal data that are defined under the GDPR. You can always ask us for a record of the data we store about you specifically. Also, you can send us a request to have this data corrected or deleted. If you decide to delete your MinkPolice account through the settings in your user profile, all personal data that you gave to us in regards to this account when registering for it and adjusting the settings will be automatically deleted.

In order to retrieve, rectify or delete all personal data that we collect about you, please send us an email to We might ask you to verify your identity when making such a request.

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