Subscription & SIM card

Do I receive a SIM card when ordering a MinkPolice trap alarm?

Yes. A SIM card is already inserted in the device when it is shipped to you. After setting up your new MinkPolice and connecting it for the first time, a 7 day free trial period will start. If you would like to continue using the MinkPolice SIM card, you can easily and conveniently prolong your subscription in your MinkPolice online profile.

Which SIM card should I use in the MinkPolice trap alarm?

In principle, any common SIM card can be used with the MinkPolice trap monitor. However, we recommend using the MinkPolice SIM card in the trap alarm, as it is specially tailored for the use with MinkPolice, can be conveniently extended online once per year, and we can check your SIM cards for you in case of questions.

But with the MinkPolice trap alarm you are very flexible and can also use other SIM cards. Access points for all major phone companies are available on the device. If you want to use a SIM card from another provider, you only need to ensure:

  1. Remove SIM pin protection from the SIM card by putting the card in any phone and then going to settings>security>SIM pin (This might differ from phone to phone).
  2. Enable data transfer on your SIM card. This can be done by contacting the SIM card provider or adjusting the settings on your phone.
  3. Choose a plan that charges for data transfer in packages as small as possible. Every server — trap-monitor communication is normally only of the size of about 1 kb. Make sure your SIM card provider does not charge you 100kb or 1mb for every time the trap-monitor communicates.
What is included in the MinkPolice annual trap subscription?

The following services are included in the annual trap subscription for all models (MP2, MP5 & MP10):

  • User profile & app (Android/iOS) which can be installed as often as needed
  • MinkPolice multi-roaming SIM card already inserted in the device (works across Europe and always uses the best available network)
  • All data usage (status and alarm notifications via push notification and mail to as many Co-Trappers as wanted)
  • Reliable customer service in English and German
  • Constant development of our service (app, user profile, customer service)

Additionally, the MP10 trap subscription includes: 

  • One year extended warranty
  • Uncomplicated updating of the device firmware by remote transmission – no need to send in the devices for firmware updates
  • Batteries included in the delivery for a quick start


How much does the MinkPolice SIM card yearly subscription cost?

The MinkPolice SIM card is included in our annual trap subscriptions.
The costs for the trap subscription of MP2 and MP5 models is 10€ net per year (e.g. 11,90€ gross in Germany, 12€ gross in Austria). For the MP10 model the trap subscription is 20€ net per year (e.g. 23,80€ gross in Germany; 24€ in Austria). 
The trap subscription covers all of the needed data (status and alarm notifications via push or email) for one MinkPolice trap alarm. The MinkPolice SIM card is specifically designed for the use of MinkPolice trap alarms and is always using the best local network.

How do I pay and prolong the MinkPolice SIM card subscription?

To prolong your SIM card subscription, you go to our website and login to your MinkPolice profile with your login details. Under “Settings” you click on the tab “SIM Cards”, which will lead you to an overview of all your active SIM cards. Above that list, you will find a link saying “Click here to prolong MinkPoliceSIM cards via our online payment solution”. By clicking this link, you will be directed to a page, where you are able to select the SIM cards, which you want to prolong by ticking the applicable boxes. After this, please fill in the billing information form and click “review order”. Now, you only need to confirm your order and your SIM card subscription will be prolonged within the next 1-2 days.

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Go on
  2. Login to your MinkPolice profile
  3. Click on “Settings” and then on the tap “SIM Cards”
  4. Use the link “Click here to prolong MinkPolice SIM cards via our online payment solution”
  5. Select the MinkPolice SIM cards which you would like to prolong
  6. Fill in the billing information 
  7. Choose one of the payment options: Credit card, SOFORT-Payment or money transfer (only in Germany with 5€ transfer fee)
  8. Confirm your order 
  9. You will receive a confirmation email and your invoice
  10. Your MinkPolice SIM cards will be prolonged as soon as the payment has been registered

Can I receive an invoice for my MinkPolice SIM card subscription payment?

Yes, as soon as your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with your invoice attached.

Can I use the Reverse Charge method for my company paying for MinkPolice SIM cards online?

Yes, we also offer the Reverse Charge method for our company customers when paying for the MinkPolice SIM card subscription. In order to apply Reverse Charge, simply, choose the SIM cards for which you want to prolong the subscription in step 1 of the payment system and then fill out your company’s information in step 2. In the field “Select customer type” choose “Company”. 

Then enter your VAT number into the field, which appears after selecting the customer type. Your VAT number will be checked automatically in our system. 

By clicking onto the “Review order” button you will get to the order summary. Under “Summary” you can see that the VAT calculated for your prolongment of MinkPolice SIM card subscriptions is marked with a little minus (“-“). This means that your request for using the Reverse Charge method was successful.

After completing the check-out you will receive an invoice by e-mail, which will also state that you used the Reverse Charge method for the prolongment of your MinkPolice SIM card subscriptions.

How do I know when my MinkPolice SIM card expires?

If one or several of your MinkPolice SIM cards are going to expire next month, you will receive an email 7 days before the beginning of that month. Please follow the steps above regarding the payment and prologment of the SIM card subscription.
Moreover, you can see the expiration date of each SIM card in your MinkPolice profile. To be able to do this, please login to your profile on our website with your login details. Under “Settings”, you can click on the tap “SIM Cards”, where you will find an overview with all your active SIM cards including the expiry dates. 

Which Network does the MinkPolice SIM card use?

The MinkPolice SIM cards are so-called multi-roaming SIM cards specifically tailored for our purpose by Vodafone, tele2 and 1NCE. This means that the SIM card uses the best network all over Europe regardless of the provider. You can therefore use your MinkPolice trap alarm everywhere without worrying about the reception of your SIM card. As soon as there is reception the MinkPolice trap alarm will connect and communicate. In fact, the SIM cards can even be used in countries where Vodafone/tele2/1NCE does not provide service.

Can I use the MinkPolice SIM card in other devices / for other purposes?

No, the MinkPolice SIM cards are a special subscription offer tailored to the usage in combination with the MinkPolice trap alarm and are restricted to this usage. If one attempts to use the MinkPolice SIM card in another device, such as a smartphone or a camera trap, the SIM card will be blocked and one cannot use it anymore.

How can I pause my MinkPolice SIM card?

In periods when your trap is not in use you can pause your MinkPolice SIM card subscription up to 90 days per year. Log into your MinkPolice online profile and click on “Settings” in the menu and then on the tab “SIM cards”. You will see all MinkPolice SIM cards that have been activated through trap alarms on your profile.

The Subscription column shows two buttons next to each other. On the left side you can pause and resume every SIM card individually. Please note that you can only pause or resume once every 24 hours.

Click on the “Pause” icon ⏸ to pause an active MinkPolice SIM card. Confirm that you want to pause the SIM card in the dialogue box. When you refresh the page, you will see that the status of the MinkPolice SIM card has changed to “Paused”. While the MinkPolice SIM card is paused, it can not connect the trap alarm.

If the subscription of your MinkPolice SIM card expires in the same month, please prolong the subscription of the MinkPolice SIM card for one year, before pausing it. This will prevent your MinkPolice SIM card from expiring after 90 days of pause, without you being aware of it.

After the MinkPolice SIM card has been paused for one day, you will see that the expiry date of the SIM card has been postponed one day. In the column “Remaining Pause” you can check how many days your respective MinkPolice SIM card can be paused. As soon as all 90 pause days have been used up a paused SIM card will be automatically reactivated.

If you would like to reactivate a paused MinkPolice SIM card, simply click on the triangular symbol ⏵. The status of the MinkPolice SIM card is then changed to “Active” and after 30 minutes the MinkPolice SIM card is ready to connect your trap alarm again.

Why don't I receive SMS with my MinkPolice SIM card?

The MinkPolice SIM card subscription covers all data communication (e-mail & app push notifications) of the trap alarm, SMS text messages are not included. In order to avoid unforeseen additional costs, sending SMS with the MinkPolice SIM card is deactivated by default. Generally, we recommend using our free app with push notifications instead of SMS, as this does not incur any additional costs. You are welcome to contact us directly ( if you want to activate your MinkPolice SIM card for sending SMS. SMS will then be charged additionally according to actual consumption.

Why are status SMS messages sometimes not sent?
There can be several reasons why an SMS is not received, such as network failure, low account balance, and failure because of low battery. In other cases the reason can be that a module is not awake to send the SMS. In case of an alarm event, the SMS is always sent, but the daily status SMS is sometimes not sent. The MinkPolice server will wait for all of your modules to send a status report at the expected time, and then it will send you an email status notification. The SMS is always sent from the last of your modules which reports the expected “I’m alive-message.” If one module is not communicating as expected, then it cannot send the status SMS. One hour after the expected wake up time, the MinkPolice server will send an email with a warning about “No communication.” At the next consecutive expected status report, the SMS will be sent from another module. Note that emails are always sent.
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